Web and NFT Design Awards

The Bolt Grant

Supporting the Design Community, Your business, and Your Clients.

We do this by giving 10% of every entry to help two critical categories of businesses: startups and nonprofits.

Startup Grant

Businesses Open 24 months or less

We all know how difficult the first two years of business can be. Bolt is committed to seeing the next generation of design entrepreneurs succeed by investing back in them.

When you enter websites your startup has designed (or your own website), you are eligible to win the Bolt Startup Grant. This isn’t some BS credit for coaching or discounts with partners – you will get cold hard cash.

We aren’t capping the grant, so the more people who enter in any category, the more you are eligible to receive.

Nonprofit Grant

Best in class winner of nonprofit category

Nonprofits fill essential needs in medicine, education, nutrition, water, and anything else you can think of. We want to give back to help their cause. Not only that, but we want to reward the businesses that help amplify the mission and voice of nonprofits and their work.

When you enter the nonprofit category, you also enter to win the Bolt Grant for nonprofits. If you are a design business, we encourage you to consider splitting the Grant with the nonprofit, but it is up to you!

This is a great way to have your work recognized but also recognize the work of the nonprofits you support – while getting a grant to further that work!

Awesome, how does it really work?

No tricks. At the end of the awards entry period, we will calculate the total entries after processing fees, and 10% will go to Bolt Grants. More specifically, 5% of the total will go to the Startup Grant and 5% to the Nonprofit Grant.

The Nonprofit Grant is awarded to the organization or business that enters. We will verify the design work is for a legal nonprofit. We encourage design companies who win to split your grant with the nonprofit or even gift it all, but it is up to you!